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Start Ups

Starting a company can be a daunting prospect, especially in the early days. This is where Pomegranate Consulting is here to help. We will help you to cut through the red-tape and support you at a crucial time in the life cycle of your business.

Having connections with local universities such as University of Manchester, University of Bolton, TIE and Business Growth Hub, we are able to guide you in the right path to develop and grow your business.

Many start-ups believe that they don’t need an accountant until later on in the life of their business, first year end or VAT return date. To get the best out of your tax planning and business, it is best to sit down with an accountant to discuss your thoughts before even starting your project.

It’s important to remember that accountants aren’t just for large businesses. Small businesses and individuals should use accountants to make sure they comply with the rules and regulations set out by HMRC and Companies House.



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