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Capital Gains Tax

For many business’, Capital Tax Gains is a substantial subject that connects their personal or businesses finance together. Pomegranate Consulting are here to unpuzzle the maze and make sure that you receive the best advice available.

Capital Gains Tax is a tax that is payable on any profit made after selling assets (tangible and intangible). It is declared and paid through a Self-Assessment tax return.

  • Properties
  • Business Assets
  • Shares
  • Personal possessions worth more than £6,000

The CGT legislation is complex which is why we are here to help. It provides many reliefs and exemptions which can help reduce and even diminish out your liability. A surprise tax bill is the worst of everyone’s worries, but with our help and guidance these surprises can be avoided. Pomegranate Consulting will provide you with advice on the structure and timing of the disposal, through to the end when you report the disposal of your tax return.



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