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Patent Box

A Patent Box is a tax relief that was introduced in 2013 to help reduce the amount of corporation tax businesses pay on profits derived from their patents.

Profits on patented products that are eligible under the regime attract a lower corporation tax rate of 10%. Thousands of companies already take advantage of the regime and continue to do so year after year.

Historically, businesses have taken out Patents to protect their Intellectual Property but in these recent years where innovation is constantly changing an all-encompassing patent doesn’t make commercial sense.

Thanks to Patent Boxes, businesses are protecting their profits with narrow versions of Patents and a good Patent Attorney can significantly reduce the cost and timescales involved.

  • Would your business benefit from a patent?
  • Can your accountants provide you with the advice and service behind a successful Patent Box claim?
  • Are you currently making a Research and Development Tax Credit claim and want to know how this relates to Patent Box?
  • Do you want to know more about Patent Box?

Pomegranate Consultancy are accountants, auditors and specialist tax advisors with experience of making Patent Box claims on behalf of our clients.

We have partnered with Patent Attorneys that share our values of putting the client first so why not take advantage of the FREE one-hour consultation to see if your business could qualify.

Discuss the patent box scheme with our specialists today

For more information on patent boxes, call our team today or send a message using the form below to request a free one-hour consultation.



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