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Account Auditing

Do you know why you need an audit or why you should have one?

Checking and verification are important, but account auditing should be more than a compliance exercise. We will work alongside you and your business to identify and pre-empt any potential issues within the company, provide assurance of the figures within the financial statements and perform a general health check of the systems and controls in place.

Our account auditing team is partner led and we adopt a personal ‘hands on’ approach to the relationship. Members of the team use their sector specific knowledge to bring value to the audit process.

You will be required by law to have a statutory audit if:

  • You are a PLC or a banking, insurance or finance company (or a subsidiary of one of these).
  • You are required by your professional or trade organisation to have your accounts audited.
  • Your shareholders do not agree to opting out of an audit

Companies (including LLPs) are required to have a statutory audit if they meet two of the three following conditions:

  • Turnover in excess of £10.2 million.
  • Balance sheet total above £5.1 million.
  • More than 50 employees.

Most subsidiary companies are also exempt from audit where their parent company guarantee’s their liabilities.

However, there are good reasons for having an account audit, even if it’s not required by law:

  • An audit report can improve the status of your accounts in the eyes of banks and commercial lenders, HMRC and suppliers who may be seeking credit references.
  • A history of accounts with clean audit reports can be beneficial if you ever wish to sell your company or perhaps, take it to the market.
  • Potential for fraud can be reduced and an audit can act as a deterrent to any potential fraudster.

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