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The New Normal

August 4, 2020

As we adjust to the ‘New Normal’ there are inevitably going to be some changes that may take a bit of time to get used to and with the threat of a second wave, these may be around for some time yet.

Pomegranate Consulting have been listening to our clients concerns and to really understand we have adopted many of their practices, plus some of our own, to ensure we are not only COVID-19 compliant, but also keeping our staff engaged and feeling part of the team.

Pomegranate are always looking to stay ahead of the curve and have slowly been introducing staff back into the workplace. By doing so we have noticed an improvement in overall staff well-being which, let’s face it, is a worry for a lot of business owners who may be concerned about their staff feeling disenfranchised.

I am confident that part office and part home-based working is the future for many businesses especially those that operate from town and city centre offices. There are many advantages to this such as reduced utility bills and travel costs and I’m sure the extra half an hour or so in bed is a welcome addition!

My team and I have been conducting regular zoom meetings which are kept light-hearted and gives everybody a platform to discuss what they are working on and any issues they have had. This has kept morale high within Pomegranate and I am proud of how we have all adapted with output at similar levels to pre-lockdown.

Nothing will ever replace the human contact that most of us crave and this is why I feel the time is right to adopt these new working practices regardless of what may or may not happen in the future.

Last Friday many of the staff had dusted off their suits, shirts and blouses to conduct face to face business meetings both internally and with external clients, socially distanced of course. Due to the unfortunate timing of the local lockdown for Greater Manchester, we took the decision to hold fire on face to face meetings with agreement from those external clients.

I think it goes to show how Pomegranate Consulting can adapt very quickly to situations as soon as they arise, something our existing clients have found extremely valuable over the years.

We are still very much ‘open for business’ and with talk of a potential second wave on the horizon will adapt quickly and continue to give our clients and staff all the support they need.


Dan Downes




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