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We’re commited to being proactive problem-solvers, not just passive number-crunchers; providing care for each and every client and their business.

Business Consultants Manchester

More than just accountants. Our Story.

We started the company at the beginning of 2013, determined our brand of accountancy would make a difference. Pomegranate would deliver the fundamentals such as accounts and taxation with rigour and professionalism. But we would go much further. We would be a sounding board, listening to clients’ broader business and financial challenges; and, most importantly, we would provide solutions.

Since then we’ve taken on a wide range of client issues from raising capital to untangling the maze that is HMRC. For us, it’s all part of the Pomegranate promise – to commit and care. People come first, always, and we build our client relationships on trust and integrity.

We are known to be approachable as well as expert and will continue to offer free Saturday morning business consultations over a coffee at our new Manchester offices. This approach is attractive to potential start-ups with a bright business idea, but who are unsure how to put it into action. They like the informality but know the advice will be sound as our clinics are part of the Institute of Chartered Accountants’ Business Advice Service.

And whether we deal with new ventures or established companies, our ethos will remain the same. As our founder Ansar Mahmood puts it: “New clients approach us with an issue in one area and are surprised when we pro-actively offer them solutions to potential problems we spot elsewhere in their business. They are not used to it, but they like it! And so do we.

Our Promises

We have a wide range of clients, from recruitment, technology and fashion to manufacturing, law firms and developers. If we think that you could benefit from an introduction to another client, we’ll speak to you about it. Consider it a built in network for your business.

And finally, if you’re unhappy with any of our work just let us know. If we can’t fix the issue to your satisfaction, you don’t pay for it. Simple.

That’s our 100% risk free guarantee to you. No hassle, no strings, no exceptions.

If you like our approach to business and want to have a chat about yours, call us on 0161 974 0735 or email us to arrange a coffee.

We use a comprehensive tax checklist to ensure we’re saving you the most tax possible. From the structure of your business, through to VAT and Payroll, we always work hard to save you money.

We run a Saturday business clinic dedicated to helping companies grow. The best bit? They’re run by our managing director with over two decades of financial expertise.

Problems don’t just present themselves between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. Our lines are open 24/7 and our offices are open six days a week. So no matter when you need us, we’ll be there.

Since day one we have worked alongside Xero to provide our clients with simple, easy to use cloud accounting software that works for them. With it’s seamless integration and expansive options it’s clear to see why Xero is the number one choice for cloud accountancy.

We do more than crunching the numbers, we’re your personal financial director. Need help to grow your business? Advice on a business plan? Sounding board for a new direction? We can help.

At the beginning of the year we agree a fixed fee with our clients with unlimited ad hoc meetings, calls and advice. You’ve won’t receive any nasty surprise bills from us.

We’ll be there to provide you with clear guidance and advice on all your accountancy, tax and business needs. Meaning you can sleep soundly at night.



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